What’s New in Logos Now 6.4

Logos Now 6.4

Every day we’re working hard on innovative solutions to the problems you encounter in your Bible study. Our team regularly develops exciting new features, datasets, tools, and more to give you a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

In the past, you had to wait until the next release of our software to access extensive updates like these. But whether you’re a minister, scholar, student, or an everyday Christian with a passion for God’s Word, we recognize that you want the latest and best Bible study tools to help you dig deeper into God’s word, right now.

That’s why we created Logos Now.

Roughly every six weeks, we roll out our newest developments so you can use them in your Bible study immediately. It’s easy to get started with Logos Now; you can even get your first month free.

We recently released our newest features and tools to Logos Now members—if you’ve been waiting, this is the time to start. Here’s what’s new.


Systematic Theologies Section

Explore what your systematic theologies have to say about specific biblical texts. The Systematic Theologies Section in the Passage Guide organizes biblical references in your systematic theologies according to standard theological categories such as Prolegomena, Theology Proper, Bibliology, Christology, and more. These results are then further broken down according to the denominational affiliation of the author. Discover what Baptist, Lutheran, and Presbyterians theologians say about 2 Timothy 3:16 as it relates to the doctrine of the Bible.

Logos Now 6.4

References Concordance

The Concordance tool builds an index of all the data in any of resource in your library and lets you filter by primary-source references such as biblical texts, Josephus, Homer, or Xenophon. Sort the results by heading to find all the places Josephus is cited, or by count to see which references are cited most often.

New Testament Manuscript Explorer

The New Testament Manuscript Explorer transforms text-critical notations and details about New Testament manuscripts into a helpful interactive tool that lets you navigate, sort, and filter countless manuscript witnesses to the text of the New Testament. Find all manuscripts containing a portion of the Gospels copied in the third century. Or find all the manuscripts that are a part of the Byzantine text type.

Logos Now 6.4


Online Sermon Videos

We’re working hard on curating videos from the web so you can find online media with a simple search inside Logos. We’re tagging those videos with relevant biblical passages, authors, topics, and more so you can incorporate the insights of other pastors and professors into your Bible study. Search and find sermons, homilies, lectures, and more to enhance your Bible study.

online video screenshot

Narrative Character Maps, vol. 2

Narrative Character Maps present the Bible’s familiar story arcs with a new visual perspective that makes sense of complex interweaving narratives. Color-coded character lines elegantly present the geographic location of key players through time.

Trace the missionary journeys of Paul and other early church leaders in the first century. Rediscover the narrative of Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, and Orpah with a vibrant display of God’s faithfulness. Easily keep track of David’s life as it connects with the lives of Saul, Jonathan, Absalom, and other characters. The important events in each narrative link to the Bible Factbook—where you’ll find family trees, maps, and other media drawn from your digital library. Narrative Character Maps revitalize your understanding of familiar Bible stories. Volume 2 adds maps of Abraham, Isaac, and the events depicted in 1 Samuel.

Logos Now 6.4

Before and After, vol. 2

The Before and After tool presents pictures of modern archaeological sites and lets you turn back time by laying over crisp renderings of sites in their ancient glory. As you examine an archaeological image, you can pull the shade over the image to reveal our artist’s reconstruction. See the walls of Jericho, the streets of Corinth, the theaters of Ephesus, and the gates of Jerusalem as biblical characters would have. The second volume includes before-and-after images of Ephesus Odeon, the Altar of Zeus in Pergamum, and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus.

Logos Now 6.4

Old Testament Propositional Bible Outlines

Reformat Bible text into an outline that labels the purpose of each line in the Old Testament and relates each segment to the surrounding text. In this update, we’ve added outlines of 2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah.

Plus, all the other features Logos Now members currently enjoy

Logos Now members are already using these powerful features:

Greek Grammatical Constructions

This new dataset identifies certain grammatical constructions in the New Testament and finds other occurrences of the construction in the Bible.

Commandments of the Law

The Commandments of the Law Interactive provides information on the 613 Mitzvoth (commandments) as delineated by medieval rabbi Maimonides (also known as Rambam), perhaps in 1170 A.D. These commandments are traditionally described as “The 613 mitzvoth of the Torah.” That is, these are the explicit commandments found within the Torah as understood and enumerated by the Jewish Rabbis.

Concordance Tool

The Concordance Tool analyzes the data in a particular resource and allows you to filter that information with faceted-search options.

Media Browser

Browse all Logos media and use filters to discover brilliant images, slides, and art that will enhance your next presentation.

Old Testament Propositional Bible Outlines

Reformat Bible text into an outline that labels the purpose of each line in the Old Testament and relates each segment to the surrounding text.

Access to the Logos Web App (beta)

Access your Logos resources through a web browser! We will continue to make improvements and add new features and functionality.

Read more about all the Logos Now features.


When you’re a Logos Now member, you continue to receive updates like these, making your Logos experience more powerful, and your Logos Now membership more and more valuable over time.

Try it now! Your first month is on us!

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