2 Ways to Be Human, According to Paul

Explore “the other worldview” with Dr. Peter Jones

According to Peter Jones, all the religions and philosophies of the world can be divided into two basic worldviews. These two perspectives differ on the fundamental nature of reality. Is everything essentially one? Or does an irreducible distinction exist between creation and Creator?

In The Other Worldview, Jones explains the difference between what he calls “Oneism” and “Twoism.” He exposes the pagan roots of Oneism, and he traces its spread and influence throughout Western culture. Most importantly, he shows us why Oneism is incapable of saving anyone or truly changing the world for the better.

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Study apologetics with Dr. Carl Ellis

Dr. Ellis explores the exciting examples of how God works in history and culture in the book of Daniel. For more insight from Dr. Ellis on religion and culture, get his Mobile Ed course where he discusses issues of urban apologetics alongside classical approaches. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of contemporary culture to better share the gospel and equip those around you.

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