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Tattoo-Inspired New Testament Exegesis

I was at Costco getting gas. The guy across from me had a tattoo that caught my eye—it was ancient Greek: ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. And suddenly, the meaning of a famous saying of Jesus became clear in my mind. This kind of thing happens to me. It’s why I go to...

5 Things We Wish We’d Done in Seminary

A couple years ago, we asked some of our team members who attended seminary to share some of their experiences—what is the one piece of advice each one would want to leave for current seminarians. I hope the reflections are helpful to you. Many of...

Why Would a Church Ban the Bible?

This week we are celebrating the 501-year anniversary of the Reformation  and featuring Reformation excerpts and reflections on the blog. In this post, Dr. Mark Ward explains why publishing God’s Word was such a source of controversy in the...

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