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Tackle the Unique Interpretive Challenges of the Gospels

The Gospels are central to the Bible. Their description of the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus provide the very foundation of Christianity, and this importance is underlined by the fact that there are four separate Gospel accounts. However, having multiple accounts presents challenges for interpretation. How do we deal with four distinct narratives of the life of Christ? Should we attempt to harmonize them, or seek to understand each Gospel on its own? How do we interpret several accounts of the same story—especially when they are presented with seemingly contradicting details? How should we understand Jesus’ miracles and teaching?

Mobile Ed’s Studies in the Gospels Bundle provides answers to these questions and more. This bundle—which includes nine courses on the Gospels from today’s top scholars—will enrich your understanding of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

The bundle includes a book study on each of the four Gospels. These courses look in detail at each individual Gospel account, giving you fresh insight into the distinct audiences, purposes, and themes of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Two courses cover background material. In NT301 The Gospels as Ancient Biography you’ll learn more about the genre of the Gospels and how understanding that unique type of literature should influence interpretation. NT311 The World of Jesus and the Gospels explores the historical and cultural background of Israel in the first century, helping you understand the world in which Jesus lived and ministered.

Three courses examine specific aspects of Jesus’ ministry. NT252 Parables of Jesus looks at why Jesus taught in parables and discusses how to interpret them. In NT253 Miracles of Jesus you’ll learn about the role of miracles in Jesus’ ministry, including what they reveal about the person and authority of Jesus. Finally, NT251 The Sermon on the Mount provides a detailed exposition of Jesus’ best known teaching.

The Studies in the Gospels Bundle will broaden your understanding of these foundational books. By studying the Gospels you’ll gain a better appreciation of who Jesus is and the significance of his life. . Right now, you can get it for 41% off. But hurry—once the bundle ships on August 27, this deal goes away Pre-order it today!

Written by
Miles Custis

Miles Custis is the Manager of Instructional Media at Faithlife.

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Written by Miles Custis