Serve the Church without Burning Out

Ministry leaders have a high calling. They must serve their churches and communities with grace and integrity, evaluate the spiritual progress of their congregations, and unite the church to work as a body. They live lives of service and humility while inspiring and motivating others. And they do all this while planning sermons and Bible studies, praying for their people, organizing small-group ministries, overseeing the administrative needs of the church, and performing the countless other duties of church life.

Those are some intimidating responsibilities, and the risk of burnout is huge. Ministry leaders don’t simply need to learn a set of leadership skills; they need an approach that values their spiritual formation just as highly as boots-on-the-ground training.

Dr. Justin Irving’s Ministry Leadership Bundle meets ministry leaders where they are, presenting an approach to ministry that is biblical, relevant, and practical.

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In the Ministry Leadership Bundle, Dr. Irving demonstrates the value of effective leadership, the importance of personal and spiritual formation, the foundation for leading teams and groups in ministry, conflict resolution, and the use of Scripture as the basis for communication and leadership work.

No matter what role you play in ministry leadership—pastor, teacher, elder, deacon, small group leader, or passionate volunteer—the Ministry Leadership Bundle will equip you with the tools you need to have a biblical, effective, and burn-out-free ministry. Get it now!

Written by
Liz Melton
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Written by Liz Melton