Sermon Podcasting Made Easy (Really)

If sermon podcasting sounds like an impossible task, there’s something you need to know: you probably already have everything you need to do it.

You use the equipment for every service. You don’t need extra software—assuming you’re using Proclaim Church Presentation Software (which you can try for free right now). And it takes a lot less time than you might think.

With minimal setup, you can start your sermon podcast this weekend.

This is sermon podcasting made easy—really.

Audio recording equipment

Most basic sound setups already have the right pieces. But even if you don’t have a soundboard, you can still record your sermons.

Here are three common scenarios:

1. A soundboard connected to a computer via USB:

This is usually used to control the soundboard from the computer, but it also allows the soundboard to input audio to your computer (and by extension, Proclaim) through the USB.

2. A soundboard connected to a computer via auxiliary cable:

With an RCA, 1/4 inch, or XLR cable, you can also send the audio to your computer from an auxiliary output on the soundboard. You’ll need an adapter to convert this to a 3.5mm headphone cable.

3. A mic connected to a computer:

There are three basic ways to connect a mic to your computer.

    • A handheld mic that plugs directly into the computer
    • A bluetooth headset that pairs with the computer
    • A wireless mic with a receiver

As long as your computer can recognize the device as an audio input, you can record.

Record your sermon in Proclaim

Proclaim offers the simplest sermon recording solution. Your presentation software detects the audio recording devices connected to your computer, so you only need one program to present, record, edit, and publish your sermons.

Choose your audio recording device from the “input device” field in Proclaim’s settings to get started.

sermon podcasting blog

As you build your presentation and add your slides, you can create “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording” cues to tell Proclaim exactly which parts of your presentation to record. Once you click to go On Air, Proclaim automatically records the selected section of your presentation (so nobody forgets to push the button).

sermon podcasting blog

When you reach the end of your presentation, Proclaim opens a new window to edit and publish your sermon.

Edit your sermon audio

Once you’ve recorded the audio you want, trimming your sermon and adding sermon information in Proclaim is just as easy. Add a title, description, cover image, and any other information you wish to include. You can even add a soundbite—just drag the orange arrows to the best 60 seconds (or less) of your sermon. Trim your audio by selecting the sections you don’t want and choosing “Delete” from the “Actions” drop-down menu. Any audio you leave between the blue arrows will be included in the final file.

If you want to use additional software to edit your audio, choose “Download raw audio.” Otherwise, you’re ready to publish your sermon.

Publish your sermon online

To add your sermon recording to your church website, choose “Sermon player embed code” from the publishing menu. This will open a page that lets you decide how you’d like the recording to appear—as a single sermon, a playlist, or a dynamically updated sermon that always shows your most recent recording.

Sermons lets you upload manuscripts and build up a sermon archive. Your sermon becomes discoverable on the web, where people can read, listen, and provide feedback.

You can share links to either of these sites through social media, email, a blog, or anywhere else.

Publish your podcast 

You may have heard horror stories about volunteers spending hours editing audio, or staff handing off a USB stick several times on Sunday afternoon to get a recorded sermon where it needs to go—but that doesn’t have to be you. 

Proclaim generates the RSS feed link that podcasts use to find your sermon, so podcasting sermon recordings isn’t a long, complicated process.

To get your RSS feed link for podcasting, sign in at, then click My Sermons. Select a sermon, then click to share a sermon podcast in Faithlife Proclaim

From there, choose the Podcast tab and Copy the link.

Next, test your podcast link. Then go to the Settings icon to check your email address and podcast artwork.

Lastly, submit your podcast link to the podcast directory of your choice.

It may sound complicated, but it’s not! The below screenshots from popular podcasting platforms give you an idea of how simple it is to add your RSS feed link and start streaming:

Podcasts Connect

screenshot showing Join Apple Podcasts Connect and instructions to create an account

Google Play

Start sermon podcasting for free

Proclaim Church Presentation Software lets you present, record, edit, and publish your sermons from the same place. Try Proclaim free and get access to Pro Media too! More than 10,000 pieces of motion graphics, background slides, and countdown videos are yours to use as much as you want during your trial.

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