Key Resources for Back-to-School

The school year is upon us! As a college or seminary student, you need more than highlighters and ballpoint pens. You need resources that can stand the test of time.

The Logos Back-to-School Sale is your perfect opportunity to get those very resources at an incredible discount; up to 49% off in some cases! Today, I’d like to share top resources that will last through seminary and beyond.


The best resources are the ones you come back to again and again. One great example is our BDAG/HALOT bundle. It’s been 10 years since I took my first elementary Greek course, and I still return to BDAG as my trusted source for understanding and explanation of the original meaning. Ask pastors who use the original languages to prepare their messages and odds are they’ll tell you the same thing: this is an indispensable resource. Start preparing for your future today.

Watch this video to see the Logos edition of BDAG in action!


Browse some of our original language works or check out additional products.

BECNT and Anchor Yale Bible

Anchor Yale BibleDifferent commentaries have different purposes and fulfill different needs. To ensure a well-rounded understanding of the text, you need both an exegetical commentary such as the Baker Exegetical Commentary Series on the New Testament, as well as a technical commentary, like the Anchor Yale Bible. The editorial boards of these and other similar commentaries ensure that a certain level of academic rigor exists across the included volumes.

By having a diverse collection of commentaries, you “future-proof” your library. Maybe you expect to study Pauline theology, but end up working on Old Testament prophetic literature. Get a whole-bible commentary like the Anchor Yale Bible and you’re covered. Furthermore, purchasing the entire set allows you to do in-depth study on cross references and allusions, no matter what book they link to!

Don’t miss all of the premier commentary sets in our back-to-school sale.

The power of the Logos edition

The Logos digital edition is a powerful format and it integrates seamlessly with Logos Bible Software. Our engine is completely free and you can download the newest version here. But to get the full benefits of the Logos 6 features, I highly recommend you look at our base packages.  Base packages integrate valuable resources with robust functionality built to empower your research.

Previously, I highlighted BDAG and HALOT as fantastic Greek and Hebrew lexicons. BDAG comes in Logos 6 Platinum and higher while HALOT is included starting with Logos 6 Portfolio. You’ll save time by working smarter, not harder, and money by getting fantastic discounts on a collection of resources. And, discover connections you never knew existed, using our custom features.

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Did you know you may be eligible for a Logos payment plan? Simply make a purchase over $100 and select “Pay monthly” at checkout. By investing in coherent theological resources, you can empower your research with Logos Bible Software.

See all deals, or call our resource experts to get custom recommendations: 888‑875‑9491.

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Written by
Jonathan Watson

Jon Watson is a minister in training with St. Columbia's Free Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Written by Jonathan Watson
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