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Last week, we announced a new series of translations of Abraham Kuyper’s writings in public theology. This monumental series is comprised of eight key works across 12 volumes. While most of the translation has already been completed, producing these volumes will take some time. The first volume, Our Program, will be released on November 10 and another volume should be finished before the end of the year. Our goal is to have all 12 volumes completed within two years.

We’ve prepared three excerpts from three forthcoming volumes to give you a preview of what’s on the horizon. If you’re not familiar with Kuyper’s writing or thought, these preview volumes are the perfect way to familiarize yourself with one of the most influential thinkers of the modern era. And best of all, we’re giving away these previews for free!

A revival of Kuyperian thought

205 Kuyper 7Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) was an influential figure in modern Protestant theology and the political history of the Netherlands. Much of his theological and political views were linked by his Christian worldview. In fact, much of his writing was focused on the intersection of a Christian worldview with secular culture—how should Christians interact, participate, and engage with the culture around them. Kuyper heavily stressed the importance of Christian identity, but also understood the importance of a faith with public impact. His aim was to construct a public theology that encouraged Christians to contribute to the public realm in a multitude of ways.

Although Kuyper’s writings are rooted in his time, his unique experiences and wisdom can provide us with important guidance today. We face a serious challenge as we interact with the secular world because we’ve lost an understanding of how the Gospel relates to every single area of society. We have a part to play in renewing every part of this world; nothing should be untouched by the transformative power of the Gospel. Kuyper reminds us that everything belongs to God, and gives us a constructive framework to healthily interact, participate, and engage with the world.

Three preview volumes

Kuyper_3V_PDPIntroduce yourself to Kuyper’s thoughts on the church, education, and public theology with these three excerpts from the Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology:

  • In his sermon Rooted & Grounded, Kuyper sought to address the challenging questions facing the church in the modern era: What exactly is the church and what is its place in society? The Church needs to be rooted—a living organism that grows freely. And the Church needs to be grounded—an institution with strong foundations to keep it from collapsing.
  • Scholarship contains two commencement addresses Kuyper gave to students at the Free University of Amsterdam, which he founded. These speeches present an introduction to Kuyper’s thoughts on education from a Christian perspective. Scholarly study is a calling meant to help us better know the Creator and his creation.
  • In his seminal three-volume work, Common Grace, Kuyper presents a public theology of cultural engagement based on the common humanity shared by all. This grace of God encourages us to participate in the various areas of life, contributing to the flourishing of the created order. Science and art are two domains that are difficult to reconcile with God’s presence and grace. In Wisdom & Wonder, Kuyper presents a constructive framework for engaging these two domains.

Get these three preview volumes for free!

If you enjoy these previews, the entire 12-volume Abraham Kuyper Collected Works in Public Theology is now available. If you purchase both the Logos digital edition and the print edition, you’ll save over $500 off the full price! Pre-order now!


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Written by Jake Mailhot