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Expand Your Study of the New Testament and the Early Church

study the New Testament and the early church

June has been a busy month for expanding and updating our products. Of particular note are the recently updated Teach the Text Commentary series, the Gordon Fee New Testament Studies Collection, as well as these four brilliant gems in the study of the New Testament and the early church:

Baker Academic Early Church Collection

In 22 must-read books from Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox writers, the Baker Academic Early Church Collection furnishes your library with historical studies on the ancient church from the Acts of the Apostles until the fourth century. It’s an essential collection for learning about worship in the early church, understanding the early Christian use of Scripture, studying the earliest theological dogmas of the earliest Christians, and digging up the church’s memories of its first martyrs. Get this diverse and advanced library of early-church studies and look critically into early Christianity—a world so different from our own, and yet lit by the same faith.

Acts: An Exegetical Commentary

Acts_an exegetical study
New Testament scholar Craig S. Keener is out to write the largest commentary on Acts available. The result is a thoroughly socio-historical study while at the same time providing exegetical discourse on each and every verse through Acts 23. No deeper study of the Greco-Roman culture on a verse-by-verse basis of Acts exists. You may never be satisfied studying Acts apart from the context of Greek and Roman historiography again. You won’t want to miss this epic-sized commentary that studies Acts as an epic drama of the early church. Start reading it soon to be ready when Keener finishes the fourth and final volume.

Evangelical Press Study Commentary (EPSC)

With 17 Old Testament volumes and nine New Testament volumes, the Evangelical Press Study Commentary continues to grow and expand its Reformed and Evangelical hermeneutic across the Bible. With both careful analysis and simple application, this commentary series easily pulls its own weight for anyone teaching the Bible’s text to the world today. (And as an added bonus, these digital editions won’t weigh you down!)

Studies of the New Testament and Its World (SNTW)

Through these 15 volumes, you’ll have access to very specific, scholarly works on New Testament studies, the socio-historical world that informed the New Testament, and the development of the early church alongside the New Testament. Unsure if these studies are what you’re looking for? We’ll give you an introductory coupon for 40% off the series. Simply use coupon code SNTW40 at checkout and we’ll knock 40% off your purchase of SNTW. Get it now!

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Written by Brandon Rappuhn