Demons, Fallen Angels, and the Powers of This Dark World

In this Faithlife Live webinar, Dr. Michael Heiser talks about his latest book, Demons. Known for his ability to explain what the Bible really teaches, Dr. Heiser brings clarity into an area believers often struggle to understand—evil spiritual forces, fallen angels, powers of this dark world, and more.

Michael Heiser is a scholar in biblical studies and the ancient Near East, with advanced degrees in Ancient History, Hebrew Studies, and Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages. He’s a bestselling author of the supernatural in the Bible, including The Unseen Realm—recently made into a feature-length documentary.

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Learn more about demons from Dr. Heiser

What does the Bible say about demons? Are demons real? The truth about demons if far stranger—and even more fascinating—than what’s commonly believed.

What people believed about evil spiritual forces in biblical times was very different from today—an ancient worldview missing in modern analysis.

In Demons, a new documentary, Michael Heiser debunks popular presuppositions about the true powers of darkness. Rather than speculation, it’s grounded in what people of both the Old and New Testament eras believed about evil forces and what the Bible actually says. Gain a biblical understanding of demons, supernatural rebellion, evil spirits, and spiritual warfare.

Pick up Demons: What the Bible Really Says about the Powers of Darkness book or documentary today! 

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