Budgeting in Seminary

An important concept to know while in seminary is to live on a seminary budget. This involves personal examination, time, dedication, and fortitude. When you live on a seminary budget, it is important you make sure you are spending money on the things you actually need on a daily basis. A seminary budget is important for your future that extends into your ministry career and marriage.
A seminary budget that consists of personal examination deals with looking at your expenses on a daily and weekly basis. Our spending should resemble and glorify God. The money we spend should go to school books, church, and groceries. When spending on a seminary budget we have to cut down on the unnecessary costs. A seminary budget should reveal what we treasure in life like Jesus said. It shows our motives and what is in our hearts when we spend wisely.
A seminary budget also takes time to perfect on a weekly basis. It is important that we are looking at what purposes we are spending on certain things. Are these things we are spending on honoring and glorifying God? Do these things bring God honor or praise? A seminary budget does not take one week. It takes five to six months to examine and make sure that what we are living on will help us become better stewards of God’s money in the future.
Another important factor of a seminary budget is dedication. It takes time in order to ensure that you are spending in God honoring way. There is a necessary level of dedication involved in the seminary budget to make sure to you are not spending too much more than you make. When on a seminary budget, there is a lot of work that needs to be done to access whether the budget that you are on will benefit yourself in the future. Lastly, dedication in your seminary budget keeps your focused and helps you with your monetary goals that you set.
Lastly, a seminary budget requires a great deal of fortitude and focus in lining up with goals you set with what you want your budget to be. When we persevere in planning out our seminary budget then we will eventually follow through with it and complete it. Fortitude gives us the energy to complete our seminary budget in a way that honors God. When we persevere in completing our seminary budget, in a monetarily sufficient way then God will be honored in this process. Lastly, fortitude and focus give us the ability to attain a budget that will help in our marriages and career in ministry.
In conclusion, seminary budget will help those in seminary plan for the future. It takes necessary time, dedication, fortitude, and personal examination to complete. Lastly, a seminary budget takes a great deal of effort to achieve the goals that you set to accomplish.
By Luke Urban. Luke attends Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX. He graduated from TCU in 2010 and loves all things Fort Worth. He is studying to go into student ministry.

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Written by
Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns is a past Marketing Manager at Faithlife and now works at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA.

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Written by Ryan Burns
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