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Rethinking Love and Marriage amid COVID-19

In this Faithlife Live webinar, hear from FamilyLife Today cohost Bob Lepine who discusses how COVID-19 will affect marriages and divorce rates—a big question for governments and churches alike. Bob sheds expert light on what a godly, healthy marriage looks like amid a global pandemic.

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In The Christian Husband, Bob takes men deeper into what it means to be a Christlike husband. Providing a clear explanation of the spiritual priorities for any godly husband, he supplies practical pointers for making real-life changes. Readers will learn exactly what God expects from them according to biblical principles—not cultural fads. Discover what it means to truly be a Christian husband—and learn how to put it into practice.

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Christ and Calamity

Lord, do you not care if we perish?

That’s what Jesus’ frightened disciples shouted as he slept in the stern of a storm-tossed boat. Amid suffering and uncertainty, most of us are prone to think that God has forgotten us, he doesn’t care, or he’s powerless to do anything.

And that’s true of us amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Christ and Calamity, Harold L. Senkbeil speaks pastorally to our suffering and uncertainty. Senkbeil shows God’s constant and faithful grace to us. Calamities come in many different sizes, and God addresses them all in his Word and by his Spirit. Even when we don’t see or feel it, God is always faithful.

The disciples’ faith amid the storm may have been weak, but Jesus was mighty to save. And he will save you, too. No matter how small your faith, you can count on him to hear your anguished cry—and to answer.

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