Are There Contradictions in the Gospels?

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The ancient historian Plutarch is famous for penning scores of biographies on political heavyweights like Julius Caesar, Marc Antony, and Alexander the Great. But as far as we know, he never wrote a word about Jesus. So what could he possibly have to teach us about the Gospels?

For more than eight years, Mike Licona has been studying classical literature, including Plutarch. As an apologist who has personally grappled with doubt, Licona has committed his life to rooting out evidence for the Christian faith. His most recent scholarship has led him to Plutarch’s biographies—even though Plutarch never wrote about the life of Jesus.

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Why Plutarch? Because by studying Plutarch’s biographies, Licona hopes to lay to rest one of the oldest claims of skeptics: the Gospel writers contradict one another.

In this episode of Faithlife Today, Reuben Evans talks with Licona about his recent scholarship on what Plutarch’s work reveals about the Gospels.

Mike Licona’s Mobile Ed course on Objections to the Gospels will equip you to lay these and other skeptical claims to rest. Learn more about Mike Licona’s new course.

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