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Anticipate His Arrival with Your Family

The second year of Rick Brannan’s Anticipating His Arrival: A Family Guide Through Advent begins with an illustration that some families may find all too familiar:

In this first week of Advent, our goal is to set our minds on what is coming. Remembering and considering prophecies about Christ’s second coming is about preparing our minds and our thinking—about setting our minds on what is above. But preparation also involves action. If we are preparing for a hurricane, we don’t only watch weather reports to verify that we are in its path—we also prepare the house, store supplies, and create an evacuation plan.

Preparation for the coming of Christ means remembering what we have been told about his coming and actively preparing for his arrival.

Brannan then provides a brief reading from Isaiah 64, followed by some discussion questions. They’re simple—and answers are included. Here are two of the four:

1. Who is the subject of this passage? Who is the one referred to as “you”?

Response: The “you” of the passage is God, Yahweh—as seen in vv. 8–9.

2. What is the subject of the passage asked to do (vv. 1–2)?

Response: The subject, Yahweh, is asked to “tear the heavens” and come down to reveal himself as well as to make his name known among those who oppose him. He is asked to come and to protect and restore those who are his.

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