Angels Have Wings: Fact or Fiction? New Faithlife Original Answers

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Quick, list everything you know about angels!

If you’re thinking about bells, harps, and wings, your idea of angels might be more informed by Christmas movies than the Bible.

That’s what Dr. Michael S. Heiser is trying to correct in Angels—now available as a Faithlife Originals miniseries.

Dr. Heiser has spent a lot of time studying mysterious things like the unseen realm, demons, and even aliens and UFOs—but from a biblical perspective. He uses his expertise in Semitic languages, ancient history, and Hebrew studies to dig into what Scripture says and means—without being locked into a twenty-first-century interpretation of the text.

A few years ago, he wrote a book titled Angels, which inspired the miniseries. Here’s what readers loved about the book:

“ . . . this is an excellent book covering what both the Old and New Testaments say about Angels—as well as a good coverage of Second Temple (including Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha) writings as well as early (1st few centuries) Christian writings. The Author is quite frank about what Scripture says and what it doesn’t say, and he does include some alternate views. So that makes this quite a good reference book.”

—Glenn C.

“I love how Dr. Heiser takes such deep content but writes it in a way for anyone to understand. This book is no exception. There are so many confusing ideas and doctrines about angels but Dr. Heiser cuts through it all and just teaches what the Bible says. This is a must read for everyone who wants to learn a balanced and biblical theology on angels.”

—Marc R. (Amazon)

“Heiser brings contemporary scholarship of angelology to the uninitiated layman. Most of what he says in this book takes years of academic research of various dissertations and journal articles. It is a breath of fresh air that this information comes to the public in an easy-to-read format.”

—Edwin M. (Amazon)

In the series’ 11 short episodes, Dr. Heiser invites viewers to see why angels are important, what the Bible actually says about them, and how the Bible’s teaching on angels illuminates our eschatological future.

You can add the series to your Faithlife TV library for $17.99 or get the Blu-ray, too, for an extra $3. Buy it now!

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