5 Design Tips to Take Your Church Graphics to the Next Level

If you’re building church graphics slides for your service each week, you’ve probably wondered, How can I…

  • do this faster?
  • be sure I’m choosing the best backgrounds?
  • get a consistent look for the entire presentation? 
  • keep from pulling my hair out in the process? 

The answer: simple design rules that will make your life a lot easier. Take the pressure (and time) out of creating slides every week by incorporating these easy tips.

1. Keep it simple

Follow the grid suggestions you see as you build your slide in Proclaim. The eye likes order, so go for alignment and lots of blank space. A text-heavy slide is hard to take in.

church sermon title slide example

2. Use quality images

Check out Proclaim On Air + Pro Media. It’s a simple way to get stock photography, motion backgrounds, countdown timers, and media—all designed for churches.  Simply import them as a background in Proclaim to start designing.

church presentation slide illustrating using quality church media and stock photography

3. Play with fonts (but not too much)

Generally speaking, you want uniformity in fonts on a given slide. Using two fonts can be a nice touch—one for the biggest word or phrase, another for body text—but anything more than two can start to look messy. And be sure to use the fonts that come standard in Proclaim—that way they appear the same for everyone.church slide for Amazing Grace song title with two different fonts

4. Think complementary colors

You can find a simple rundown of complementary colors, and that’ll help you make church graphics slides that really pop.

church event slide for foster care interest meeting

5. Remember aspect ratio

See what your design looks like in 16×9 and 4×3 so you know it works for both aspect ratios. You don’t want your layout to look scrambled in either one.

That’s it! You’re ready to start creating professional-looking slides. 

To create your entire church presentation quickly and easily, try Proclaim church presentation software. You and your whole team can collaborate from anywhere, build eye-catching presentations in minutes, and publish sermon audio and slides to your website with a couple of clicks.

Proclaim 4: Create Excellent Presentations Every Week. Click to see what's new in Proclaim church presentation software.

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Written by Logos Staff
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