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Easter Sermon Tips to Connect with Your Audience

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As Easter Sunday approaches, now’s a great time to ask how to make sure your Easter sermon connects with your audience. Here are three ways to do just that.

Preach with power through vivid illustrations and practical application

Since the days of oral tradition, speakers have used illustrations, metaphor, allegory, and storytelling, not just to entertain but to teach—to drive home lessons on morality, spirituality, and history. Illustrations are just as powerful today as they were millennia ago, and by using illustrations you can capture the power of storytelling in your preaching. But some might wonder, do you risk watering down the gospel when you use illustrations? And how can you strike a balance to deliver an Easter sermon that’s engaging and truthful, without feeling like you’re trying to entertain a crowd?

Bryan Chapell believes your sermon should always be centered on Christ—and that can be accomplished using illustrations to drive home powerful truths.

preach with power book cover for help with your easter sermonFor over three decades Chapell has advocated for Christ-centered preaching that focuses on the power of the Gospel to transform lives. In Using Illustrations to Preach with Power, he demonstrates how to use compelling illustrations—without risking shallow preaching or sacrificing scriptural integrity.

Illustrations are integral to powerful preaching—not because they entertain but because they expand and deepen applications in the lives of your listeners. Get Using Illustrations to Preach With Power and learn how to make the truth of the Word ring clearly in people’s hearts long after your Easter sermon is done.

Bryan Chapell can help with application, too. We’ve partnered with Chapell to create a free seven-minute video that will drive home the importance of application and equip you to help your congregation apply the truths you preach to their everyday lives.

Get your free video featuring Bryan Chapell now!

Find your voice with help from your favorite preachers

Imagine the insights you could glean from sitting down with a host of experienced preachers and asking their advice on everything from sermon delivery to personal style. Byron Yawn did just that.

well-driven nails book cover for help with your easter sermonYawn had the privilege of picking the brains of some of preaching’s most seasoned veterans—John MacArthur, John Piper, R.C. Sproul, and more—to receive their hard-earned wisdom and insights. Well-Driven Nails is an account of what Byron Yawn learned from these true “professors” of the craft. But, this is more than just a book on preaching. It maps out the journey every preacher must take to be a fearless proclaimer of Christ. It is about finding one’s own voice.

After reading Well-Driven Nails, you will come away ready to put your newly-gained knowledge to good use as you continue your own journey to find your individual style and voice. Don’t miss the opportunity to draw on almost a century of combined experience from the pulpit. As John MacArthur said, “The faithful expositor’s duty entails much more than sound exegesis and symmetrical outlines . . . Every preacher who wants to be an effective expositor should read this book and take it to heart.” Get your copy today!

Take a seminary course from your living room

There’s little question about the value of continuing education, but not everyone has the time or resources to invest in seminary—that’s why we are so excited about Mobile Ed. Logos Mobile Education was designed with pastors and working professionals in mind. The convenient video courses bring seminary-level theological and practical instruction right to you, wherever you are. We have over 100 courses, but a strategy to up your game would be incomplete without Basic Elements of Preaching: An Introduction to Homiletics.

Even seasoned preachers will come away from Introduction to Homiletics informed and inspired. This four-hour video course, delivered by Gary Carr, will teach you the foundational parts of a sermon as well as preaching terminology. Carr also discusses the ‘intangibles’ related to preaching like the preacher’s character, humor, logic, mannerisms, and speech.

If you’re preparing to preach, you’ve gotten your feet wet, or you’ve been preaching from the pulpit for years, you don’t want to miss Introduction to Homiletics. Start learning now!


Easter isn’t a make-or-break Sunday, but it is a profound opportunity to connect to your congregation—not to mention a huge influx of visitors! Take advantage of this opportunity to bring your A-game to the pulpit and get the resources you need to make every Sunday excellent.

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