The Top 10 Logos Blog Posts of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we first want to thank you for being a Logos blog reader. We hope the blog has educated and equipped you this year, and we look forward to more of that in 2019.

Together we learned a lot about angels, language, and using Logos, and also remembered the legacy of the great evangelist Billy Graham.

And now, here are 2018’s top 10 most-read Logos blog posts:

1. What Does the Vision in Ezekiel 1 Mean?

Michael Heiser walks readers through the puzzling first chapter of Ezekiel.

2. Can You Score 100% on This Quiz about Angels?

It’s harder than you may think. We posted this quiz in September, and it’s still open if you’d like to take it.

3. What Did Jesus Mean by “Gates of Hell”?

It’s a phrase we often read right over, but what are the gates of hell, and why did Jesus mention them in his response to Peter’s confession?

4. How to Write a Funeral Sermon

Regular contributor Mark Ward offers four pieces of sage wisdom for the difficult task of preparing and preaching a funeral sermon.

5. How to Spot a Falsely Attributed Quotation

Another post from Mark Ward, this is an inspiring post about reading authors so much that we begin to know the sound of their voice—and the sound of imposters’.

6. In Loving Honor: 12 Quotes on Evangelism from Billy Graham

On February 21, Billy Graham passed into glory. This post briefly reflects on his life and shares quotes that defined his ministry.

7. 4 Simple Language Principles That Will Improve Your Bible Study

Another fine contribution from Mark Ward, here Mark helps us make sure we take words to mean what they really mean, not what we think they mean.

8. False Friends and Dead Words

In this excerpt from Authorized, Mark Ward recounts a time 1 Kings 18:21 taught him a valuable lesson in language.

9. How to Use Logos Like a BibleWorks Pro

Along with many others, we were sad to learn of BibleWorks closing its doors this year. This article helps people transition their BibleWorks notes and work to Logos.

10. When Did Satan Fall like Lightning?

Michael Heiser walks readers through the interpretive options of Luke 10:18.

Again, thank you for reading along with us in 2018. May God bless you in the coming year.


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Written by Logos Staff
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