Thanks a Ton: 15 Unique Ways to Say Thank You to Your Givers

Many of us can remember sitting hunched over the kitchen table as a kid, toiling away at a stack of thank-you notes. We wanted to say thank you—but it seemed so hard to come up with an interesting way to express our gratitude.

Years later, and that problem still sticks around with church thank-you letters for donation money. It’s top-of-mind, especially with the year-end giving season. How many ways can you say thank you?

Turns out, at least 15. Ministry fundraising expert William Dillon shares phrasing in his book People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds. Read his ideas below.


15 practical ways to say thank you

I close this chapter with a few more practical ways to say thank you. Here’s a fine list of ways to thank your donors. Get creative!

  1. I never get tired of thanking you for your support.
  2. When David commissioned Solomon to build the house of the Lord, the people rejoiced because they had offered willingly and made their offering to the Lord with a whole heart. I thank God for your willingness and wholeheartedness in giving.
  3. It’s a joy to serve God in this ministry with you.
  4. I thought of the story of the widow in Luke 21 today and praised God that you also reach past your surplus to give to the Lord. Thanks for sharing it with me.
  5. We rejoice that you faithfully supported us this year. That meant a lot to us.

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  1. I am filled with thanks to the Father as you help supply my needs and make this ministry possible.
  2. We praise God that you “do not neglect doing good and sharing.” We appreciate how you share with us your gifts unto him.
  3. Your giving is a ministry of his grace to us.
  4. You are a continual source of joy and encouragement to us as you pray and give so faithfully.
  5. We thank God for you and pray that the Lord will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.
  6. I am glad that the Lord brought you into my life and for your continued support.
  7. The Lord overwhelms us with joy through your faithfulness to us.
  8. We appreciate your friendship and partnership. We love you!
  9. Your prayers and gifts often cause me to praise God for His goodness.
  10. Each month you bring a smile to my face as I see your gift. His blessings to you.


Now that you have 15 ways to say thank you, it’s time to give your church more opportunities to do it! Download the free Simple Strategies for Successful Year-End Giving guide for practical tips on year-end giving messaging, follow-up plans, and more.


This post is adapted from People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds by William Dillon, available from Faithlife Ebooks.

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Written by Mary Jahnke