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Shine a Light on the New Testament with the New Daily Study Bible

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The original Daily Study Bible commentaries have been a favorite for both devotional and scholarly Bible study for nearly fifty years. These more recently released volumes are significantly revised, updated, and edited—ready for a new generation of readers.

Barclay’s accessible writing style displays his passion for bringing the Word of God to laity and Bible scholars alike. His thoroughly-researched works open with the important historical background to clarify the historical context of each New Testament book. From there, Barclay unfolds each book, passage by passage.

The New Daily Study Bible commentaries will help you discover how the message of the New Testament applies to everyday life. And with advanced search and study tools, the Logos edition will open wide all seventeen volumes (more than 5,000 pages) of commentary as they shine a light on the New Testament, from Matthew to Revelation.

Get the New Daily Study Bible: New Testament commentaries today.


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