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What If Your Sermon Prep Process Is Holding You Back?

If you preach or teach regularly, you’ve probably developed tried-and-true methods for studying the text, crafting an outline or manuscript, and preparing a presentation or handout.

But here’s the thing, preachers: whether we realize it or not, most of us are hacking together a bunch of different tools that weren’t designed for the task we’re doing.

Word processors were created to solve the problems faced by writers, not preachers. Presentation tools like PowerPoint work great for business presentations, but they just weren’t made for the unique needs of a worship or teaching setting.

The time we spend retrofitting these programs to fit our sermon-prep needs could be used to go deeper into the text. Or discovering more about how the passage applies to our listeners’ lives.

What would a word processor built from the ground up for preachers and Bible teachers look like?

We created the Sermon Editor to answer that question. It’s included with a one-month free trial to Logos Cloud Essentials, and here’s why you should give it a try right now.

Built by preachers, for preachers

With the Sermon Editor, you can move seamlessly from studying with Logos Cloud’s tools and libraries, to writing your sermon.

Type a Scripture reference, and the Sermon Editor automatically fills in the entire passage. Build your outline point by point, and the Sermon Editor creates a handout for you to add to your worship bulletin. Start typing, and your sermon slides are created automatically. No more tedious copy and pasting or handing off files to a volunteer to prep the presentation: you can send it off in a click.

There’s lots more you can do with the Sermon Editor. Give it a test run with a one-month free trial to Logos Cloud Essentials.

Take your sermon prep anywhere

Logos Cloud is an all-in-one, online Bible study platform that gives preachers unprecedented access to the tools they need to create life-changing sermons.

It all comes together right in your web browser: commentaries, cross-references, parallel passages, media, word studies, and so much more. Best of all, it lets you fit in-depth sermon prep into your packed schedule. You can access all your tools, notes, and books with our web app or mobile apps.

Plus, we’ve partnered with the leading names in Christian publishing to include a trustworthy sermon prep library with every level of Logos Cloud. You get everything from inspiring devotionals to rigorous biblical scholarship—all at a low monthly price.


Logos Cloud Essentials is just $19.99 a month, and you get so much more than the Sermon Editor. Prepare your sermon with a large library of contemporary Bible study resources and all of Logos interactive tools.  And best of all, you can try it for yourself with a free one-month trial. Give it a try right now, and be sure to tell us what you think.

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Written by Logos Staff