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Overcoming Theological Famine with Logos

At Faithlife, we love equipping people for Bible study. It’s why we created Logos Bible Software. So when we hear powerful stories of our users overcoming challenges using our software, we can’t help but share them with you.

Josh Hooker has been a missionary to Southern Africa for a decade. Through the years, he’s encountered an unexpected problem. “What many people don’t realize is that good theological books are often hard to get in Africa. Sometimes missionaries rely on friends or family to bring books out when they visit, but these books are heavy to carry—especially the reference books I rely on for my work.”

As an author and Bible teacher at Namibia Theological Seminary, Josh needs the best theological resources available, as soon as possible. When he’s preparing a course or lecture, waiting for an international shipment could set him back weeks or even months—not to mention the exorbitant shipping costs.“The amazing thing about using Logos here is that it gives me access to reliable biblical resources in seconds,” Josh says.

Josh HookerLogos has revolutionized the way Josh approaches lecture preparation. “Theological resources are a necessary part of theological education and they are the tools of my trade.  I constantly need access to commentaries and dictionaries and other theological books to teach my lectures, to write and to preach in local churches.  I have previously been hampered by the cost and the lack of availability of such books here, but discovering Logos a few years ago has changed that.  I can now get up-to-date resources within seconds.  Logos 6 also has versatile search features that allow me to look for information throughout my library and study the Bible in its original languages.”

Since arriving in Southern Africa, Josh’s modest library of physical books has grown, but lugging those resources across the continent has proved impossible. “I constantly need to be reading to do my job well, and I cannot take these books with me when I travel to others parts of Africa or return to the United Kingdom for home assignment. That is again where Logos 6 helps me. I can read any books from my Logos library on my tablet. Wherever I am in the world I have a library of resources at my fingertips.”


Read Priority One,by Josh Hooker.


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Written by Logos Staff