Not All Harps and Halos: Learn What the Bible Really Says about Angels

Whatever you think about angels, there’s a good chance it’s wrong.

That may sound harsh, but most of us get our perspective of angels from movies, myths, and Valentine’s Day cards—not as much from the Bible.

In his new book, Angels, Dr. Michael Heiser carefully reviews what the Bible says—and what it doesn’t say—about the heavenly host.

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As Heiser writes in the introduction, what we believe about angels makes a difference in our understanding of God and his relationship to his creation:

Why should we care about angels? Because angelology helps us think more clearly about familiar points of biblical theology. God’s supernatural family is a theological template for understanding God’s relationship to his human family of believers—and our greater importance compared to them. Learning what the Bible says about angels ultimately is tied to thinking well about how God thinks about us. What God wants us to know about angels contributes to our eternal perspective.”

Tremper Longman III, professor at Westmont College, says of the book: “Michael Heiser helps us navigate the biblical teaching on angels. He does so with great insight and care as he explores the Old and New Testament teaching on this important topic. I recommend this book to all who want to broaden their understanding of the world to include the world as it really is.”

Chapters in Angels:

  1. Old Testament Terminology for the Heavenly Host
  2. The Heavenly Host in Service to God
  3. Important Angels
  4. The Language of the Heavenly Host in Second Temple Judaism
  5. Second Temple Jewish Angelology
  6. The Heavenly Host in the New Testament
  7. Special Topics in New Testament Angelology
  8. Myths and Questions about Angels


Discover biblical truth about the heavenly host, and pick up Angels today.

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Written by Logos Staff