Need Spanish Church Media? Here’s How to Get It

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Scrolling endlessly through photos is only fun when it’s by choice (oh hello, vacation albums). When you’re trying to find media for your church presentations, it’s just frustrating. And if you serve in a bilingual church where you need to create both English and Spanish church presentations? Even worse.

Our church presentation software, Proclaim, comes with a Pro Media option. It puts 24,000+ sermon series slides, announcement slides, videos and motion graphics, and more in your library.

You don’t need to hire a designer, and you can find media for almost anything.

While the full range of Pro Media isn’t available in Spanish, you can find media like this:

  • Announcement slides in Spanish
  • Event slides in Spanish
  • Sermon series slides in Spanish

And it doesn’t cost you a cent more—anyone on your church’s presentation team can use any media under your one Proclaim license.

Plus, you can easily display Bible verses in another language.displaying Bible verses in another language in Proclaim

“It doesn’t matter if you’re 7 or 70, you can use this software.”
—Ged West, pastor

To top it off, you can also use professionally created Bible verse art in Spanish. (Here’s how to find it and add it to your presentation.)

finding church media in Spanish in ProclaimReady to see how your Spanish-speaking or bilingual church can use Proclaim? Try it free.

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