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Logos Tech Tip | What Does It Mean to ‘Walk’?

Walking is a biblical metaphor for the way Christians are to live. However, walking was also the most common mode of travel in biblical times. That means if you search for “walk,” you will find all of these instances.

But with the powerful search abilities of Logos, you can quickly find where words are used figuratively in the New Testament. When you use labels in your search, Logos locates the places where “walk” occurs in a figurative sense. If you search an English Bible, Logos finds additional places where this idea is expressed but the word “walk” does not occur. 

Click here to run a search for verses in which the Greek word πορεύομαι is used to describe a way of living, or click here to dive into the Bible Sense Lexicon and examine where behavior is described as walking.

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Written by Faithlife Staff