Of all of the Logos 8 features, I probably receive more questions about the Notes database than any other. Here’s one I’ve received several times:

When I anchor a note to a specific word in a specific Bible is it possible to display that note in other Bibles?

A feature known as Corresponding Notes and Highlights is what we need for this task.

For example, let’s say we anchor a note to the word “gods” in Psalm 82:1 in the ESV but want that note to appear in the NASB, which translates the Hebrew word “rulers.”

Give this a go:

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  • Open the ESV to Psalms 82:1, and right-click on the word “gods” (A)
  • Select from the left side of the menu Selection gods (B)
  • Expand the Take a note section on the right side of the menu (C)
  • Select the Notebook in which you want to place the note (D)
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  • Type your desired text for the note in the Note editor, such as: The Hebrew word here is elohim (E)
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  • Rest the cursor on the note indicator in the ESVto see the note text (F)
  • Open the NASB to Psalm 82:1 (G)
  • Click the Visuals Filters icon on the NASB (H)
  • Expand and select the Notes and Highlights (Corresponding) box (I)
  • Select the Notebook from the list in which you placed the note (J)
Logos blog
  • Notice the note indicator now appears in the NASB next to the word “rulers” (K)

This feature is based on the underlining Hebrew and Greek texts, and therefore, only works in our interlinear Bibles.

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