A subscriber to mpseminars.com submitted the following scenario to me:

I enjoy launching my Bible study from the Dashboard on the Home Page. Also, I work with the Factbook a great deal. I don’t, however, see a way to add the Factbook to the Dashboard. Is there a way and if so, would you show me how?

First, he is correct in that currently there isn’t a Dashboard card for the Factbook. There is, however, a card for a Layout. So, as I responded to him, we create a Layout containing the Factbook and then add that Layout to the Dashboard!

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  • Open the Factbook from the Tools menu (A)
logos 8 training blog
  • Click the Layouts icon in the upper-right of the program (B)
  • Click the Save as named layout link (C)
logos 8 training blog
  • Type a name for the Layout, such as Factbook (D)
  • Press the Enter key to save the name (E)
logos 8 training blog
  • Click the Home icon in the upper-left of the program (F) to open the Home Page
  • Click the Add a Card (+ sign) icon (G) to the far right of the word Dashboard
  • Click Layout on the menu (H)
  • Select the Factbook Layout (I)
  • Click Add (J)
logos 8 training blog
  • Click the newly added card to open the Factbook from the Dashboard (K)

Please note this important observation: since this card is loading a Layout, anything currently open on the screen will be closed before the Factbook Layout opens!

If you just want quick access to the Factbook, you may want to add an icon to the Shortcuts bar.

Or if you want a Bible, commentary, etc. open along with the Factbook, then include those desired resources in the Factbook Layout.

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