Let Logos 7 Streamline Your Sermon Prep

Pastoral ministry is as tough as it is rewarding. Between church services, Bible studies, visitations, community involvement, board meetings, and any number of emergencies, it’s hard to find focused time for quality sermon prep. Logos 7 offers a lifeline to busy pastors like you, getting you from preparation to the pulpit faster—without sacrificing quality.

Your own personal sermon prep assistant

Imagine sticking your head out of your office, and giving a personal research assistant a topic or Scripture passage. In seconds he fires back a list of relevant sermon ideas, preaching themes, and sermon outlines. With Logos 7’s Sermon Starter Guide, that’s what you get. Not only that, you’ll be directed to an archive of sermons from well-known preachers and teachers, so you can see how they have carefully handled the same passage or topic. The Sermon Starter Guide gives you a great foundation to begin building your sermon.

Biblical answers—fast

Once you have your starting place you can dig deeper into your passage or topic with Factbook. Factbook helps you better understand biblical people, places, events, and concepts in less time. In seconds, search tens of thousands of Factbook pages that offer textual and visual resources on famous theologians, books of the Bible, ancient places, and more.


This tool functions like an encyclopedia, drawing on every resource in a comprehensive theological library and a stunning array of biblical data only available in Logos. Factbook then presents thorough summaries of the topic you’re interested in. Search “Phillipi” in the Factbook, and get a list of media, key verses, lemmas, senses, dictionary links, and more before you can even turn around and grab that second cup of coffee. Factbook is your go-to place for biblical information.

Outline your passage quickly and easily

Outlining your passage is an essential step for sermon prep. Not only does it help you better understand the text, the process often jump-starts the sermon outline itself.

Logos 7’s Propositional Flow Outlines trace the train of thought in every biblical passage. Click, and watch as the biblical text re-formats before your eyes, letting you quickly see the flow and intent of the writer, verse by verse.


Everything for sermon prep, all in one place

We all know preparing a sermon is a time-intensive labor of love and typically requires the use of several tools like study resources, a word processor, presentation software, and more. Imagine diving deep into the Scriptures with your personal research tools, cataloging detailed notes, building your outline, and creating beautiful slides all in one place. The Sermon Editor Tool in Logos 7 makes it easier than ever to craft your sermons without ever leaving our research platform.

Watch how it works.

To get started with Logos 7, call one of our Resource Experts at (888) 670-3148—and don’t forget to ask about our convenient payment plans! Or get a personalized Logos 7 base package recommendation right now.

Written by
Kaleb Cuevas

Kaleb Cuevas is a husband, father, ministry leader, church league softball professional.

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Written by Kaleb Cuevas
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