Key Themes and Texts in Acts and a Rooftop Performance

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Dr. Lynn Cohick, professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, discusses key themes and texts in the book of Acts (:10), and the band The Royal Royal gives a rooftop performance in Bellingham, WA (3:15).

Keep learning about the story and structure of the New Testament

Dr. Lynn Cohick, professor of New Testament at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, is interested in studying how average Jews and Christians lived out their faith in the ancient settings of Hellenism and the Roman Empire, as well as how Jews and Christians today can better appreciate and understand each other. She also studies women of the ancient world—especially how they celebrated their religions—and the impact of feminist thought on New Testament studies. She enjoys studying the apostle Paul and his epistles within their larger Jewish and Greco-Roman milieu.
In her course Introducing New Testament: Its Structure and Story, Dr. Cohick helps you gain a better understanding of the New Testament’s structure and themes. You’ll examine elements such as historical context, writing techniques of the Gospel authors, developments in the early Church, the settings of the epistles, the genre of the book of Revelation, and the life of Jesus. The course is divided into 12 units, and unit 8 focuses on the book of Acts.

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