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What Events Created the World of the New Testament?

There are many moments in the New Testament—heated exchanges, curious turns of phrase, and extreme reactions—that might leave the casual reader scratching his or her head. Maybe you or someone you know has asked questions like why were there so many people speaking Greek in Israel? Who were the Pharisees and Sadducees, and why were they so fastidious when it came to the Law? Why were people so upset and outraged when Jesus said he could rebuild the temple in three days? What was going on in Israel—and what had transpired centuries before—that set the stage for how people responded to Jesus?

Understand the New Testament in its historical context

Renowned New Testament scholar Dr. Darrell Bock answers these questions and more in his Mobile Ed course Introducing the Gospels and Acts: Their Background, Nature, and Purpose. From the hellenizing conquest of Alexander the Great to the key events in the life of the early church, you’ll come away from this course with a thorough understanding of the complex socio-political and religious climate of the New Testament world—so you can read the text like a first-century Christian.

There’s never been a better time to take this course. Dr. Bock’s Introduction to the Gospels and Acts is included as part of the Mobile Ed Summer Session. When you enroll in Summer Session, you’ll get seminary-level education at your convenience—and you’ll get the opportunity to learn alongside fellow Bible enthusiasts, under the guidance of a Logos scholar without having to leave home. Check out this clip from Dr. Bock’s course, then read on to learn how you can maximize your learning with Mobile Ed Summer Session.


Engage in scholar-moderated discussions

When you take this course as part of Summer Session, not only will you get the entire six-hour video course, you’ll also get a bundle of Logos resources, hand-picked to perfectly complement the course. But the most exciting part of Summer Session is the chance to learn alongside fellow students and engage in online discussions in an online community, with a Logos scholar guiding the discussions.

This Summer Session will be moderated by Dr. Dale Brueggemann, a biblical scholar with years of experience, extensive knowledge of Scripture, and a passion for learning and helping others learn. Through the Summer Session discussion group, Dr. Brueggemann will guide the conversations, keeping them lively and on-topic; answer your questions and clarify any confusion stemming from the course; and even pose new questions to get you thinking deeper and really engaging with the material and your fellow learners. Summer Session is a chance to work through a Mobile Ed course with structure, in community, and under scholarly guidance.

The Summer Session group for Dr. Bock’s Introducing the Gospels and Acts: Their Background, Nature, and Purpose starts July 18. Reserve your spot and enroll today!


Take your study even deeper and earn a New Testament Cornerstone Certificate—a certificate of completion for your professional portfolio or continuing education. In just six weeks, you’ll work through three Mobile Ed courses in community and earn your New Testament Cornerstone Certificate. The first session of the Cornerstone program starts July 1, so don’t wait—enroll now!

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