Embrace Wisdom from the Past in The Apostles’ Creed

The Apostles’ Creed has united Christians from different times, places, and traditions. It proclaims eternal truths for life today. Christians believe them, recite them, and build their life on them.

But do they understand these truths? What do Christians believe? How did early church pastors and theologians use the Apostles’ Creed as the essential guide to the basics of the Christian life?

Ben Meyers answers these questions in his book The Apostles’ Creed: A Guide to the Ancient Catechism, part of the Christian Essentials series. He shows us what about the Christian faith is so counter-cultural, and what truths embedded in the Apostles’ Creed we’ve come to assume—when really they should amaze us and earn our allegiance unto death.


Like the church fathers whose work permeates this book, [Meyers] treats us to a series of pithy, pertinent reflections that demonstrate theological depth—yet with a surprisingly light touch. Tackling hard matters like gender and God’s fatherhood, the virginal conception, the descent into hell, and the persons of the divine Trinity, Myers is alive to both the richness of Christian tradition and the needs of the hour. This is a popular theology in the best sense of that term, making accessible the great truths of the Christian faith.

—Oliver D. Crisp, Professor of Systematic Theology, School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

Myers shows as much as he tells, introducing us to the audacious wisdom of ancient voices whose insights prove timely and perennial. This is the catechesis we need for a secular age, overcoming the forgetting we parade as enlightenment.

—James K.A. Smith, Calvin College, author of You Are What You Love and Awaiting the King


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