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Coming Soon: New Logos Books You Love—Way Faster

Buying a book in Logos isn’t just buying a book. It’s not even buying a “smart book.” It’s buying a supercharged book that links up to everything your Logos can do—like pull up a treasure trove of information using the Passage Guide in just a second or two. (For example, all your related commentaries or everywhere a topic is mentioned in your Logos library.)

That’s possible because of what’s called “tagging.” What does that even mean? Our team of specialists evaluates each Logos book and tags it by hand for things like:

  • Topics covered
  • Biblical people
  • Biblical events 
  • Citations
  • Morphology information
  • Theological ideas explored
  • Bibliographic information
  • A whole lot more

So that means when you come across “Samaritan” in John 4 of a commentary, you can double-click it to open your favorite Bible dictionary or encyclopedia. Or right-click it, and Logos can search your entire library and pull up everything from word studies to preaching resources faster than you can fill your coffee cup. Definitely faster than you can boil water.

That means you can skip busywork that looks like this: walking to a shelf, grabbing a book, skimming the index, finding your passage or topic, reading a few pages, realizing it’s not what you need, grabbing another book . . . and repeating the process 5 or 10 or 50 times.

Here’s a simple illustration of the power of Logos books:

Pretty great, isn’t it? Because of what you can do in your Logos, discoveries don’t sit on your shelves, hidden in plain sight.

But . . . (Don’t worry, this is a good “but.”)

You don’t need that kind of functionality for every single book ever. Some books are just meant to be read. They’re not academic, tying into lexicons and Bible dictionaries and biblical archaeology and page after page of outside references.

They’re “just” great books. And soon, you’ll be getting them faster on Logos—the same day the print version releases. How’s that happening? We’re creating what we call “Reader Editions” featuring the kind of simple tagging that makes reading easier (like Bible references). 

And not only can you snap up Reader Editions faster, there’s sometimes an added bonus: some Reader Editions will cost less because it takes less manpower to get them ready for you.

  • So for the Logos books that benefit from exhaustive hand tagging, you’ll still get powerful Logos Research Editions that link your entire library and your tools together, enabling in-depth academic and pastoral study without wasted time. 
  • And for Logos books meant to be read cover to cover, you’ll see them in Reader Editions, coming soon. 

Between Research Editions and Reader Editions, you’ll get the best balance of cost, convenience, and functionality. Find out more about what you can do with Logos Editions

If you don’t yet have a Logos 8 package—which saves you around 90% off the cost of books purchased individuallyget yours today.

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Logos Staff

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Written by Logos Staff