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You heard it here first – Faithlife, the maker of Logos Bible Software, is launching a new print journal for professors. The first issue of Didaktikos: Journal of Theological Education should arrive in professors’ mailboxes sometime in late October.

The idea behind Didaktikos is to have a vocational journal for people who teach and train pastors and other ministry leaders, and to encourage and support these professors in their academic calling and personal ministries. The journal also aims to spark productive conversations among theological faculty in North America and around the world. The name comes from 2 Timothy 2:24: “But it is necessary that a servant of the Lord not be quarrelsome but be gentle to all, skilled in teaching (διδακτικός), patient even in the midst of evil” (Mounce’s translation).

The content is written by professors, for professors. In the first issue:

  • Mark Noll talks about teaching with expertise and empathy.
  • Craig Evans, Jennifer Powell McNutt, and Fred Sanders write about recent trends in biblical archaeology, church history, and theology (respectively).
  • Grant Osborne shares wisdom from his 40-year teaching career.
  • Craig Keener writes about writing.
  • Jan Verbruggen covers some fascinating research into the earliest alphabet (and it’s not Phoenician).
  • Joanne Jung has written a helpful article on how to write effective prompts for online discussions.
  • Darrell Bock discusses an overlooked area of NT studies.
  • Stephen Witmer, an adjunct at Gordon-Conwell, shares solid insights about the synergy between teaching and pastoring.

As part of its mission to serve the church, Faithlife is underwriting the costs of producing and mailing the journal. Their intention is to send Didaktikos for free to professors in the relevant fields in the US and Canada (professors in other countries will be able to access the journal in a digital format). Anyone who teaches college or graduate-level courses in theology, biblical studies, and related disciplines is invited to join the list. Professors who want to ensure they receive Didaktikos can enroll in the free Logos Academic Program (which also provides discounts on Logos Bible Software).

The editor of Didaktikos is Douglas Estes, who teaches New Testament and practical theology, and directs the DMin program, at South University–Columbia. He’s working with an editorial board that includes:

  • Karen H. Jobes, Gerald F. Hawthorne Professor Emerita of New Testament Greek and Exegesis, Wheaton College and Graduate School (Wheaton, Illinois)
  • E. Randolph Richards, provost and professor of biblical studies, School of Ministry at Palm Beach Atlantic University (West Palm Beach, Florida)
  • Beth Stovell, assistant professor of Old Testament, Ambrose Seminary of Ambrose University (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Douglas A. Sweeney, professor and chair of the Church History & History of Christian Thought Department, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Deerfield, Illinois)

If you are currently a professor of any rank, subscribe to Didaktikos here.

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Didaktikos is a vocational journal for professors who teach in biblical studies, theology, and related disciplines—particularly at the graduate level and in service to the church. Didaktikos is published four times a year.

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