7 Themes to Explore in the New Biblical Theology Collection

Many of us have a strong selection of systematic theologies in our libraries, but a paltry sampling of resources on biblical theology. That means we’re missing an opportunity to draw on scholarship that can help us understand some of the most important themes in scripture.

Robert Yarborough says that biblical theology “seeks to discover what the biblical writers, under divine guidance, believed, described, and taught in the context of their own times.” It’s a discipline that considers the progressive nature of revelation, and interprets it accordingly. There’s no small disagreement over the exact nature of biblical theology, and are perhaps as many definitions as there are practitioners. But for evangelical scholars, at least this much is certain: biblical theology offers the unique opportunity to gain a sense of the grand narrative of Scripture while diving deep into theological themes played out in specific books or across the entire canon.

For the new Biblical Theology Collection, we assembled a lineup of 21 volumes from a broad range of scholars. This collection has been curated to round out your library with essential biblical theological resources—and until September 6, you can get the entire collection for 60% off!

Here are seven themes you can explore in the new Biblical Theology Collection.

The doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts

Holy Spirit in Luke-ActsRobert Menzies’ study of Luke’s pneumatology situates the biblical writer’s doctrine of the Holy Spirit in the context of first-century Judaism. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, Menzies biblical-theological study provides insight into the unique religious, spiritual, and cultural factors that shaped the early church’s understanding of the Holy Spirit.

The nation of Israel and the mission of the Church

At first glance, the nation of Israel and the New Testament church have very different attitudes toward the nations. But in this monograph, Jo Bailey Wells upends that notion. Instead, the relationship between Israel and the nations provides the framework for the relationship between the New Testament church and the rest of the world.

The doctrine of worship

The so-called “worship wars” soWorshipmetimes overshadow the deeper, theological questions regarding the nature of biblical worship. In this survey of the doctrine from Genesis to Revelation, Noel Due not only examines the development of that theme across Scripture but offers spiritual wisdom for cultivating an attitude of worship in the Christian life.

The doctrine of the Kingdom

The exact nature of the Kingdom of God is hotly debated by theologians, preachers, and Bible teachers. Dwight Pentecost’s popular-level foray into that discussion includes key questions that provide a helpful framework for understanding the various positions—even if you don’t hold to his own.

The meaning of “Messiah”

Messiah in the Old and New TestamentsWe call him Messiah, but what does that mean? In this collection of essays, 10 scholars weigh in, situating the discussion in the historical and cultural contexts of the Old and New Testaments. Edited by Stanley Porter andRyrie's Biblical Theology including responses by Craig Evans, this volume sheds light on the many reasons Christians call Jesus “Christ.”

A Christological ecclesiology

Everett Ferguson’s study integrates Old and New Testament teaching to outline a doctrine of the church that is informed by the person of Christ.  Ferguson takes care to demonstrate the relevance of a biblical ecclesiology for the life of the church today.

The scope of redemptive history

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of this collection are the many full-scale biblical theologies by a broad range of scholars, brought together for one affordable price. Each of these biblical theologies—from scholars such as Charles Scobie, Gerhard Hasel, Charles Ryrie, and Michael Barrett—will help you grasp the grand narrative of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. 


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Right now you can get all 21 volumes in the Biblical Theology Collection for 60% off. But hurry—this offer only lasts until September 6. Get it now!

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