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7 Reasons to Get Logos 7

Logos 7 is fine-tuned to take you all the way from that initial spark of insight to sharing biblical truth with clarity. When you study the Bible using Logos 7, you get a suite of the most-powerful study and research tools ever designed.

Jump right into your preferred workflow with customizable Quickstart Layouts; work through any of the hundreds of carefully designed learning plans in the Courses Tool; and use the Sermon Editor to create everything you need for your sermons or any biblical presentation, all in one application.

But maybe you’ve already heard all that, and you’re still not sure Logos 7 is right for you.

Here are seven reasons to get Logos 7 today.

1. You’ll discover more insights than ever before

Logos delivers cutting-edge research tools paired with a fully-digitized library of biblical resources, so you can dive deep into Bible study and emerge with life-changing insights. The newest features in Logos 7 will literally change the way you see and interact with the biblical text, opening the door for you to make novel connections in even well-known passages.

And by putting more than 2,000 years of doctrine right at your fingertips, Logos 7 helps you draw from the well of time-tested belief and knowledge.

Study the Bible with clarity, novelty, and integrity. Get Logos 7 now!

2. You’ll get more out of your study time

Your time in the Word is precious, and Logos helps you make every second count. Logos 7 makes it easier to customize your workflow, so you can start your study with exactly the books you need, opened instantly to the right spot, every time. And the brand new Courses Tool can break up any of the hundreds of learning plans and courses into manageable sessions, based on your schedule.

Logos takes you right to answers you need, so you spend less time shelf-hunting and page-flipping, and more time being transformed by God’s word.

Don’t just save time—make the most of your Bible study time. Get Logos 7!

3. You’ll make more serendipitous discoveries

Sometimes in Bible study, you know exactly what you’re looking for, and Logos delivers answers, fast. But other times, you’re not sure what you need until you’ve found it—or more accurately, it’s found you. Logos 7 provides new ways to browse and interact with Scripture, filtering and re-organizing the text so you can observe patterns and experience those “aha!” moments.

Be delighted by Scripture and explore the Bible in revealing new ways. Get Logos 7 today!

4. You’ll find more ways to share your discoveries

Studying the Bible isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about helping others grow. Whether you prepare sermons for a congregation, write lessons for a small group, need answers to difficult questions, or simply want to share God’s timeless truths with your friends and family, Logos has the tools you need to discover those life-changing insights and share them with others.

Create a complete sermon or lesson, or post an inspiring verse to social media, all right within Logos. However God has called you to deliver his message, Logos equips you.

Share God’s truth with creativity and confidence.

5. You’ll get the same software others are already loving

The latest iteration of Logos Bible Software is already making waves. Here’s a sample of what just a few thrilled users are saying about Logos 7:

Join the thousands already enjoying the Logos 7 Bible study experience.

6. You’ll have access to support when you need it

Mastering a professional-grade tool takes time. Whether you’re learning to use Photoshop, food processors, or an oscillating multifunction power tool, tutorials, support, and training can help you become a pro. Logos 7 comes with tutorial videos right inside the software, plus free access to an entire web page of how-to videos, a 10-day training course, weekly “tips and tricks” blog posts, an active forum community, and live customer support by phone or email.

Learning to unlock the power of Logos is an exciting endeavor, and we’re here to offer help and support when you need it.

Get the world’s most advanced Bible software today, and master it with help from the Pros.

7. You’ll get a great deal

Our Logos 7 libraries are bursting with hundreds and even thousands of highest-quality digital resources. You’ll get the best commentaries, Bible dictionaries, monographs, journals, and of course Logos’ exclusive features for a fraction of the regular price. No matter which library level you choose, you’ll save an average of 91% off what you’d pay to get all the same resources separately.

And right now, you can take advantage of even bigger savings with limited-time introductory discounts: $10 off your first year of Logos Now, and 10% off any base package or library (Logos Now members save 15% on Logos 7!). And if you already own Logos 6 or earlier, you’ll save even more with a custom Dynamic Pricing discount.

Get a great deal on the most innovative, intuitive, and insightful version of Logos yet.

Get Logos 7 today!

With Logos 7, you’ll get the tools and resources you need to discover and share biblical truth with clarity.

Now’s the best time to take your Bible study deeper. Go to Logos.com/Get-7 or call 888-875-9491 to get Logos 7 today!

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