5 Ways the Logos Pros Can Help with Your Bible Study

The mission of Faithlife is to “use technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible.” And we really mean it. I didn’t take the job until I asked the VP who interviewed me, “What is your company mission?,” and he said, “to serve the church.” I have also listened with two critical ears to all the public statements of CEO Bob Pritchett since I arrived. I wanted to know if he would articulate Faithlife’s mission carefully, and I wanted to know whether he really cared about that mission. He did. He does.

The team I’m on, the Logos Pros, serves the company mission in a pretty direct way. We serve our users—you—by providing free software training with a “missional” twist. Every time you watch one of the Logos Pros’ many videos, or read one of our many posts on the Logos blogs, you get exegetical or theological insight along with the software training.

But there are many more ways we can help you get more out of your Bible study and learn how to use Logos. Here are just a few—one from each member of our team.

Simplify your searches with Jacob

jacob ceroneIn addition to spearheading the development of the new Systematic Theologies Interactive, Jacob has helped improve an essential tool that you can experiment with right in Logos. By expanding the “cookbook” of search examples for basic and media searches, Jacob’s made searching in Logos much simpler.

Try it. Just open up a new search tab and click “Basic.” Practice some of the searches to get a sense of what Logos can do.

Search Cookbook

Learn how to study the Bible with Jon

Jon Bolin



Jon is the major writer behind the training videos for the 10-Day Bible Study Challenge, a course which uses the OIA method—Observation, Interpretation, Application. Thousands of people have taken on the challenge, and its not too late for you to join in. Sign up below, or learn more about the challenge.

Read more words by Mark

Mark Ward


I put words on the Internet, mostly at the Logos Blog and Logos Academic Blog. You can get some of that content delivered straight to your inbox when you sign up for the Bible Study Tips email list. Sign up below.

Learn advanced search techniques with Adam

Adam Borries


Adam serves a dual role at Faithlife: he is an extremely experienced customer service rep who knows our users’ needs, and he’s also a Logos Pro. One of the ways Adam can help you is through one of his many webinars. I asked him which one he thought was the most helpful, and he pointed to the “Advanced Search Techniques” webinar. Check it out at our webinar archive page.

And don’t forget to sign up to be notified of future webinars from Adam and others.

Dig into the UBS Handbook Series with Todd

Todd Bishop

Todd, our team lead and founder of the Logos Pros, has been guiding our overall efforts and regularly creates helpful videos. He is currently training the entire staff of Matt Chandler’s church, The Village, in the use of Logos Bible Software. In the video below, he’ll walk you through using the UBS Handbook series in Logos.



The Logos Pros are constantly creating helpful content to improve your Bible study. Stay up to date with their latest training videos at the Logos Pros page.


Written by
Mark Ward

Mark Ward (PhD, Bob Jones University) is an editor in the book division at Crossway. He is the author of several books and textbooks including Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption (BJU Press, 2016), Basics for a Biblical Worldview (BJU Press, 2021), and Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible (Lexham Press, 2018). He is an active YouTuber.

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Written by Mark Ward
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