5 Reasons You Should Use Pre-Pub

What’s the best way to get the latest Logos resources at the best possible price? By participating in a program called Logos Pre-Publication (Pre-Pub). Here are five reasons to get started.

1. Pre-Pub gives you the best deal

Using Pre-Pub means you get the lowest price. Prices start low and go up depending on what stage of Pre-Pub a book or collection is in. The earlier you pre-order, the more you’ll save.

2. Pre-Pub enlarges the scope of your research

When we ship you a completed Pre-Pub it expands the size of your Logos library, powers core features, and maximizes the potential of software tools. Your new resource broadens the scope of your study immediately—allowing you to incorporate new data that makes your research more comprehensive.

3. Pre-Pub adds titles to your library as soon as they’re ready

All books in Logos go through the Pre-Pub system. Once funded, a book goes straight into production and ships to you when it’s finished. Every pre-order contributes to the book’s production and the faster we receive your orders, the sooner the book will show up in your library.

4. Pre-Pub funds big projects

Whether it’s a commentary series or a or a large reference work, Pre-Pub gathers customers together to fund the production of large works that are indispensable for historical and theological research, as well as better Bible study. Without Pre-Pub funding, many of the most important resources we offer would’ve never been available in Logos.

5. Pre-Pub allows you to order Kent Yinger’s The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction for just $0.99

Pre-Pub has more than 1,300 products collecting orders. Including commentaries, systematic theologies, and the great books of the Western tradition, Pre-Pub has something for everyone. This year alone we’ve sent more than 29,000 resources into production—so start participating in Pre-Pub today by pre-ordering Kent Yinger’s The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction for only $0.99.


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Matt Miller
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Written by Matt Miller