5 Church Growth Engines to Gear Up This Summer

Today’s guest post comes from The Unstuck Group. The Unstuck Group helps churches grow their impact through church consulting and coaching experiences designed to focus vision, strategy, and action.

Churches traditionally feel momentum cooling off as the summer months heat up. Weekends at the lake, summer travel teams, and college students leaving town for break can all add up. In smaller churches, it can leave pastors feeling stuck in a yearly cycle of growth and loss.

What if you used this summer to gear up the true growth engines of your church?
Working with hundreds of churches across the country, The Unstuck Group has identified five key drivers of growth in churches that average 500 or more in weekly attendance:

  1. Clear Mission & Vision: Many churches put their energy into methods they’ve seen work at other churches instead of passionately putting action to a vision God has given to them.
    – How is your vision unique and specific?
  2. Intentional Discipleship Path: Teaching by itself does not equal a discipleship strategy: It’s only one part. Teaching has the potential to shift someone’s thinking but systems have the potential to shift behaviors.
    – How clear is the discipleship process you have in place?
  3. Leadership Development Strategy: If your church isn’t raising up leaders, you’ll always be doing addition instead of multiplication.
    – Is there a focus on building teams that empower other leaders?
  4. Simple Structure in Leadership/Governance: The natural tendency of organizations is to add complexity to their structure and systems. Eventually growth slows or plateaus as the complexity increases.
    – In what ways has your church become too complex?
  5. Focused Strategy and Action Plan for Reaching Out: Thousands of American churches are insider-focused instead of outsider-focused.
    – How are you building a culture focused on connecting relationally with people outside the church?

Our GrowthSolutions service is designed to coach leadership teams at smaller churches who want to take intentional steps towards growing their church in healthy ways to 500 in weekly attendance.
A healthy church body produces fruit, in both great quantity and quality. Click here to learn how The Unstuck Group can help.


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Written by
Andre Kazadayev
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Written by Andre Kazadayev
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