3 Tips for Running Ads for Your Church

Church advertising? Isn’t that a bit . . . commercial?

I felt that way when I first started using Facebook ads for my church. But then I saw who was liking my church’s ad. Far from the usual suspects, dozens of people I’d never seen at our church were liking our ads—some even commented to ask for our address (don’t be like me: include your address and service times in your church ad). And it’s all because we made an effort to go where unchurched people in our community were.

The reality is, advertisements are a great way to raise people’s awareness of your church. Someone browsing a local newspaper or Facebook might be interested in visiting one Sunday—if only they knew your church existed!

Why not run some ads for a while and ask visitors how they heard about your church? If you hear “saw an ad” enough times, you may be on to something.

Here are some online ads you can run for your church, with tips for each:

1. Boost your post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Boosted posts are Facebook’s way of putting a little advertising money behind your regular posts. (The same rules apply for Instagram and Twitter.) You can write a post for people who don’t know church lingo to invite them to your church or a specific event like your Christmas Eve service or a new sermon series. Try these tips for your first boosted post:

  • Use a graphic: video works best, but photos are good, too
    • Facebook image size: 1200×628 or 1080×1080 (text can’t cover more than 20% of your image, so get to your point quickly!)
    • Instagram image sizes: 1200×628 or 1080×1080
    • Twitter image sizes: 1200×675
  • Use a button to help people know the best next step (Learn more, Sign up, etc.)
  • Be concise, but provide all the information someone needs to get interested

2. Create Google ads.

People read fast on the internet, so write to grab attention. Your ad will drive to your website, so no need to include service times. Write just enough to get people to click the link. For example:

Now accepting lost people.

We gather as a church every Sunday to find meaning in God.
Please join us!

That phrase in bold can appear on your church website so people know that the ad they clicked took them where they meant to go.

3. Buy a print ad (in your local newspaper/magazine or a separate mailer).

If you have (or can afford to use) a graphic designer, this is a great piece to give to a pro. If you can’t use a designer, try using the same design feel as your website—with one font, two max. You know what potential guests want to know, so make these prominent: your website, location, and service times.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to see if ads will help your church. Start small with a $25 (or $100, if you can spare it) Facebook boosted post targeting people in your area who don’t follow your church’s Facebook page, and you might start seeing some great results.

Want more tips on bringing in new church visitors? Get your free copy of The Complete Guide to Getting (and Keeping) Church Visitors.

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Written by
Jennifer Grisham

Jennifer Grisham is Content Marketing Manager at Faithlife. She previously served on church staff as director of administration and managing editor and administrator for Doxology & Theology. Her work has been published by The Gospel Project and The Gospel Coalition, to name a few.

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Written by Jennifer Grisham
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