1. Take Flight! Explore little-known chapters of the Christian story from far-flung destinations around the globe.
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    Logos 5’s smart tools connect you to the Word. You can explore your Bibles and theological library, dig into original languages, craft powerful messages, and conduct scholarly research.

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    Most Features 

    429 Resources

    Print: $8,000

    Reg.: $629.95


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    Most Features 

    667 Resources

    Print: $13,000

    Reg.: $999.95


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    Most Features 

    1,076 Resources

    Print: $21,000

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    All Features 

    1,370 Resources

    Print: $28,700

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    Save time.

    With Logos, you can do 50 hours’ worth of Bible study or sermon prep in seconds.

    Study anywhere.

    Use Logos on these popular mobile devices with the free Logos Bible app.

    Get into original languages.

    Discover the original meaning of the text with interlinears and reverse interlinears built directly into many English Bibles.

    “I have found Logos to be the most intuitive and complete Bible software out there.”

    Dr. Timothy Keller

    Author & pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church

    “Anyone who wants to study God’s Word should have Logos. Dive in instantly, because it’s life-changing.”

    Hayley DiMarco

    Bestselling author & speaker

    “This is an unparalleled library.”

    John Piper

    Author, speaker & elder at Bethlehem Baptist Church

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