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Teaching Theology & Religion 10:2 (April 2007): 125-27

BibleWorks 7 Scholar's Library: Silver – Logos Bible Software 3

By Mark Vitalis Hoffman

As a seminary teacher of biblical studies, I almost daily use BibleWorks 7 (BW7) and Logos Bible Software 3, the two leading programs for Windows-based systems for work with original Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Greek, and Latin texts alongside modern English Bible versions. These are both mature products and, as the programs have been upgraded, reflect the convergence of the best features of each.

. . .

Beyond the benefits for individual research, I have concluded that facility in the use of Bible software is the best way to help students obtain long-term proficiency with the Greek and Hebrew texts. To that end, I regularly use BW7 or Logos in the classroom with a projection system both to demonstrate how to use the programs and to illustrate how one can productively employ such tools in exegetical work.


The entire review is currently available only to those with a paid online subscription.

Mark also discusses Logos and BibleWorks in detail on his website and his blog.