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Relevant, July-August 2003, p. 59

Only Clicks Away

Whether you are a spiritual seeker exploring the rudiments of the biblical text, a budding theologian desiring high-powered technical tools, or meandering somewhere in between, Logos Bible Software Series X has a package that will literally bring the world of the Bible to your fingertips. Install reference books, Bible translations and research tools that will help you compare, side-by-side, numerous Bible translations, explore ancient Israelite customs, decipher the meaning of a difficult Greek or Hebrew word or even convert biblical measurements into modern figures. Logos is unrivaled in its scope.

Their top-of-the line offering: Scholar’s Library. It isn’t cheap ($599), but its magnitude is stunning. The equivalent print editions would cost more than $5,000. This version offers language tools from the much-acclaimed Gramcord system, and it includes the complete Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, the definitive resource for researching meanings and nuances of New Testament vocabulary. These two alone are worth the price.

If you don’t feel you need the language tools but you still want a hefty package, the Bible Study Library ($249) boasts enough Bible texts, dictionaries, commentaries and leadership resources to keep you digging and growing for a lifetime.

Logos can be contacted on the web at and by phone at 1.800.875.6467.

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