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Logos Bible Software--a Review

By Ed Stetzer

I have never been that guy who geeks out over Bible study software. I've always been old school. You know, I'd go with the hardcopy, printed editions of study helps and commentaries. These large, multi-volume works have taken up shelf space in my study/office for at least 20 years. And come on, who doesn't like shelves lined with books? It's a great aesthetic for a study.

Needless to say, heading out to study for my sermon at a coffee shop or a park was next to impossible. Well, unless I stuffed my bag so full of books that the zipper began to pray.

The Logos Scholar's Library: Gold has changed the way I study, where I study and the results of my studying. I am consistently impressed with it and thought I would share my review here at the blog.

THE INSTALL -- I was attending a conference last year and was blessed with the opportunity to have my very own copy of this amazing software. At the time I was new to the Apple/Mac world and had no idea how to install in Mac world. I shared this with the Logos Team and they took my MacBook and installed the product during one of the conference sessions. I was good to go. I could now begin learning this program.

They gave me links to several video tutorials explaining how to use Logos. The Logos Team recommended that I watch these videos as I begin to learn Logos so that I could see just how extensive the software really is--so I could learn to use all the tools it offers.

I understand that everyone who purchases this software will not have the privilege of having the Logos Team install the program for him or her. However, the customer support at Logos is impressive. So much so, that Logos' CEO/President has repeatedly made it publicly clear that if the Logos Team of nearly 200 can't make you happy, he will personally address your concerns himself. They also ask you to email them your suggestions and feedback.

The Logos Team also have recently developed a community forum where many of their staff members engage in the discussion. They received the 5 out of 5 stars award from Google Shopping, and ranked in the Top 5 Rated Websites at Reseller Ratings out of nearly 20,000 stores and 360,000+ reviews.

MY TRIAL RUN -- When I first sat down to try this software out for the first time I knew I must be patient. If you are anything like myself, you resist what you do not know or understand. So, my advice is to watch the tutorials and then be patient--trying your best to learn the way this program works (it will not take long to learn it, but it will drastically increase your efficiency to watch the videos first). Of course you could simply pull 700 volumes off the shelf every time you study or do what I did for years and only reference my favorite 3 or 4 commentaries for every sermon.

Once I learned how to use it, I found it easy to use. All I had to do was type in a Bible reference, or a topic and click the "Go" button. In the last year, I would have a research assistant photocopy and gather all the info I needed--putting commentaries, sermon examples, and other resources in one file for me to review. Logos basically does that for me (and cost one of my researchers his part-time job--well, at least I put him on another project).

The program acts as your research assistant. It scanned over 700 titles in a matter of 7 seconds searching for information on the text I was preaching on. I was a bit amused that it even found songs that related to my passage as well as maps and graphs that I could import into my PowerPoint or Keynote presentations.

THE COST -- The cost can be intimidating. Forking over $1,379.95 for the Gold edition is a decent amount of cash. However, Logos offers payment plans for some of their products. Also, Logos offers discounts to any degree-seeking student and faculty or staff members. But, I think it is worth it in the time I save and the resources I gain. Keep this in perspective; you are receiving over $11,700 worth of print books for about 10% of the price.

THE FACTS -- So, my thoughts on the Scholar's Library: Gold is that it puts entire bookcases of Bibles and Bible reference titles one mouse-click away. The Logos Team has dedicated years of research and development to bring you a system that combines full features with full automation, creating software that is both powerful and easy to use.

Read more about Gold or to purchase it online
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Watch the training videos/tutorials I referenced above
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Thanks Logos for your hard work and for the resource.

Used by permission.