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The Baptist Bulletin, March 2004, p. 38

Logos Bible Software Series X
Scholar's Library

Reviewed by Gregory D. Stephens, instructor of New Testament and Greek
and assistant to the academic dean at Temple Baptist Seminary, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

History and Credibility

Begun as a simple KJV search program, LBS currently exists in digital format (LDLS / Series X). Producing Bible studies and sermons is easy with LBS-X.


The five versions are priced from $149.95 to $599.95; the Scholar’s version is the best overall value. Every version can expand to more than 3,500 titles, with goals of 10,000 and beyond.

Home Page
A “home page” screen opens with two easy-to-use formats: passage or topic, with "passage" offering five simple-to-select options (passage guide, exegetical guide, word study guide, Bible and commentary, or Bible only). Latest Logos News, New Products, Daily Devotional, and highlighted “book of the day” sections also appear here.

Bible Study Starter
Passage or topic leads to a thorough or defined search of the user’s library. In seconds more commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, cross-references, parallel passages, Bible maps, and music may be found than what hours of research might discover. LBS-X also offers “Basic Search” and combined search terms for Boolean operators.

Tools Menu
The tools menu includes managing the user’s library, performing word studies, defining limited collections, creating personal Bible reading plans, looking up Strong’s numbers, and, a unique feature, comparing Bible translations.

My Library
The program lets the user review his or her library by author, title, subject, or all three. The Unlock Resources dialog, functioning like an online shopping cart, unlocks new titles here as well.


LBS-X is an excellent Bible software tool. Its expandability offers qualitative quantity unmatched for the foreseeable future. Ease of use is a positive. Speed will vary with computer systems and the package and add-ons chosen; the advanced scholarship will vary as well. The cost / value ratio, though, is comparatively attractive. 


LBS-X raised the bar in Bible computing. It is a recommended option for laypeople, missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and scholars. For more information, see