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Christian Counseling Today, 2003 Vol. 11 No. 3, pp. 72-73

Amazing Bible Search Technology with Libronix

I was halfway through the wiz-bang presentation on the new Libronix Technology undergirding the Logos Bible materials when I realized how amazing it was.

I’ve become increasingly frustrated with Google searches because even detailed phrases now raise thousands of ‘hits’ that requires hundreds of open web sites and often hours of research time to find the one needle in the now three-billion+ straws that Google searches. For all the complexity of Internet search engines, they are still pretty stupid at the core.

Libronix, on the other hand, has applied a new algorithm that allows the software to do topical searches of biblical data in an almost human intuitive form. You simply type in the passage or topic you want to study, and Libronix produces an amazing depth of readily usable material from a huge database in seconds. It truly makes every other Bible search system look stone age in comparison.

The system not only does classical Bible study at a very refined level, but also delivers high quality Hebrew-Greek word studies, parallel passage study, contextual istory, exegetical study, sermon development, prayer and spiritual journaling, Bible reading scheduler, and just about any kind of reference study (using concordances, commentaries, and dictionaries) that you can dream up.

Libronix and Logos have brought the future home today. Once you get exposed to this amazing technology, you are completely hooked. There is nothing else like it.

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