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A few weeks ago, when writing about the Faithlife Study Bibleproduced by the people who brought us Logos Bible Software, I encouraged readers to seriously look at what the Logos system has to offer. At that time it was Logos 4, but on November 15th,Logos 5 was announced.

Arguably already the best Bible study software available on the planet, Logos 5 is raising the standard even higher.

“Logos 5’s massive networked libraries, smart searches, original language tools and Bible-knowledge features connect users to the Word,” says Logos President/CEO Bob Pritchett. “And with the free mobile Bible apps, they can take their Christian libraries on the road.”

There are thousands upon thousands of digital books and resources available, but Logos has developed a powerful software program that enables users to gather information and glean fresh insights into Biblical truth at a rate unbelievable just a few years ago.

The powerful features of Logos 5 are too numerous to list, but here are five new tools in this latest upgrade of the study system. It will be worth your time to click on each to see just what these tools can offer the diligent student of Scripture.

Clause Search
Topic Guide
Bible Facts
Sermon Starter Guide

Whether a seasoned Bible student or a complete novice, Logos Bible Software provides an entry point to a world of Biblical study. Perhaps now is the time to get serious about digging into the Scriptures.

Logos 5 is here to make that step fruitful and enjoyable. Want to know more? Watch this.

This review originally appeared at Wise Reader. Used with permission.