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Encyclopaedia Britannica has partnered with Noet Scholarly Tools to offer a first for the 247-year-old company: a downloadable encyclopedia digitally integrated with other scholarly works.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. (February 17, 2015) — Encyclopaedia Britannica, one of the world’s most trusted sources of information, has partnered with Noet Scholarly Tools to offer a new encyclopedia edition, digitally-enhanced for optimal humanities study.

The new edition — available exclusively through Noet — offers advanced tagging and integration with primary resources, dictionaries and classic literature. Readers can jump from an encyclopedia article on Plato to the Greek version of The Republic to the English translation in seconds. Searches also reveal relevant media, dictionary links and related content across the Noet library.

“The Noet edition is unlike anything we’ve ever done before and represents a significant step forward for Encyclopaedia Britannica,” said Michael Ross, senior vice president and general manager of education at Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. “Noet offers the most advanced way to study the humanities, and Britannica offers some of the best reference articles available. Together, we’re helping students, teachers and researchers all over the world gain greater access to the trustworthy information they need.”

The Noet edition works within the free Noet app and syncs across mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Every resource in the Noet library is interconnected: dates in the encyclopedia link to a visual timeline, quotes and citations link to their primary sources, and articles link to similar works across the library.

“The Encyclopedia Britannica Noet Edition represents the gold standard for research tools,” said Bob Pritchett, president and CEO of Faithlife, makers of Noet. “It combines 247 years of Encyclopaedia Britannica scholarship with the power and functionality of Noet tools. This new edition offers a faster, more intelligent way to research.”

The Noet edition includes more than 25,000 images, 10 million words and 19,000 articles rigorously compiled and edited by Encyclopaedia Britannica editors.

This exclusive edition is available for pre-order for $99.95 through Feb. 19, 2015 — that’s 80 percent off the regular price. To learn more, visit


About Noet Scholarly Tools

Noet offers the world’s most advanced humanities software. Noet launched its free mobile app in January 2014 and its desktop app in November 2014, and now offers hundreds of digitally enhanced resources in philosophy, history, literature and the classics. Noet is a product of Faithlife Corporation (formerly Logos Bible Software), a Bellingham, Wash.–based company with decades of experience in digital research tools for original-language scholarship and ancient texts.

About Britannica Digital Learning

Britannica Digital Learning (BDL) provides reliable, high-quality products and solutions for educators and students in grades PreK-16. BDL products are created by scholarly experts, skilled editors, educators and curriculum specialists. They’re designed to ignite curiosity and collaboration in students and make teaching and learning more effective. Products for schools include Britannica® School, Britannica ImageQuest™, Pathways: Science™ and Britannica E-Books. BDL is a division of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. and is headquartered in Chicago.

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