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Date: October 1, 2010
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5 billion bible verses linked

BELLINGHAM, WA—October 1, 2010—It took just two and a half years for RefTagger to deliver 5 billion dynamic Bible reference links—from blogs, online periodicals and other Christian websites, to the full text of each Bible verse. To date, over 5 billion references have been linked from the nearly 50,000 websites benefiting from the free “RefTagger” service developed by Logos Bible Software.

Once installed on a website, RefTagger automatically finds every Bible reference, creates a hover window with the verse’s text and creates a link to the verse at, where the viewer can choose to read the verse in context from dozens of Bible translations.

Sites such as, Desiring God, Grace To You, and Our Daily Bread have saved countless hours using RefTagger rather than manually linking every reference to a Bible website or pasting the entire passage right into their webpage. For instance, cites around 15,000 Bible references. With RefTagger as soon as a verse is cited, a link is automatically available with no additional html or tagging required.

Logos has found users are just as excited as webmasters about how easy the tool makes Bible study. “RefTagger is one of the most popular features on our site,” said Shea Houdmann, president of “We have received nothing but thankful comments.”

“Logos’ aim is to make Bible study easier for everyone,” said Bob Pritchett, president of Logos Bible Software. “We developed RefTagger to help people track with a writer’s thought flow while checking out their basis in the Word of God, rather than be distracted with clunky links and extra browser tabs.”

RefTagger works on any size website or blog and can be installed quickly and easily by anyone with minimal web knowledge. Webmasters wanting to give their visitors more flexibility and control may install the RefTagger control panel, which allows users to select the Bible translation RefTagger will display.

With 5 billion links delivered, Logos Bible Software continues to lead the way in making the Bible more accessible online. Additional information and examples of active RefTagger sites are available at:

About Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software, a privately held corporation located in Bellingham, Wash., is the leading publisher of high-end, award-winning, multilingual Bible software. The company serves church, academic and lay markets, striving to bring the best in software innovation to Christians worldwide. Logos can be found on the web at: