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The Christian Post: Pastors’ Wives Seek Support, Fellowship at Defined by God Conference

SAN DIEGO, November 1, 2012 — Pastors' wives are attending a conference in California for a chance to escape the pressures of their position and find support and fellowship.

With cross references, exegetical guides, reading plans, translations and a vocabulary database. Haveman said that Logos is a wonderful resource for students in the field of ministry. The B.S. program, which was specially designed for church ministry and non-profit work, will be incorporating Logos into the required course Personal Growth for Effective Leadership. The program is a lock-step program that accelerates students from one course to the next.

Pete Heiniger, the executive director of the Defined by God conference, said pastors' wives need a supportive network to help shoulder the tremendous responsibilities associated with their titles.

The conference website said of pastors' wives, "Your husband is a pastor and that means you're the woman that everyone in church looks to. You face conflict and gossip. You balance family and work life. You raise children and counsel adults. And that's not easy."

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