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Logos March Matchups

Don't Just Pick the Winner, Pick What Competes!

Brace your brackets! This year you choose what goes head to head in March Matchups!

64 resources and 32 courses—all chosen by YOU—will compete for votes and deeper discounts.

Add qualifying products to your wish list, and competitors will be selected from among the top wish-listed items.

Choose from all-stars in the areas of:

  • Collections of two or more resources
  • Mobile Ed courses—both individual and collections
  • Lexham Press collections
  • And more

Some teams are ineligible to compete, including:

  • Base packages
  • Individual volumes
  • Pre-Pub, pre-order, and Community Pricing resources
  • Other restrictions may apply*

This March Matchups, you give the marching orders. Go to the wish list, and make your chosen ones known by February 7!

Draft your picks

* Other ineligible products are: Faithlife Ebooks, print, subscriptions (e.g., Proclaim, Connect, etc.), Faithlife TV, gift cards, merchandise (i.e., physical goods), DVDs, language products (e.g., Spanish, German, Chinese, etc.), and products that shipped in the last 12 months.